Campbell 2020

Be the change


Sam Campbell for House of representatives

Many people have asked why they should vote for someone without a long political background, and my answer to that is very simple. Politics has become about playing the game: who can acquire the lobbyists, how many companies pay for votes, etc. Politics is no longer about the people. I am not here to play a game. I am here to advocate for the people, fight for our rights, and make a real change.

Today, we lose ourselves in the scandals: the “they said, we said” conversations, and the negative discourse. These things are used to distract the constituents from what is really happening behind closed doors. I will remain transparent about how I am voting at all times, because everyone deserves the right to information.

It is my hope that knowing you have someone in office who directly advocates for you and not for the advancement of their own career will reassure you that you are safe and supported.