The climate crisis that the world is fighting cannot continue. If we do not act now, there will be massive devastation for our people, land, and animals. There must be stricter regulations on fracking and the oil industry must be held accountable for researching environmental impacts before building pipelines.

Planet Earth is almost at the point of no return, as the climate is changing drastically. There is no denying that the climate crisis is a major issue that must be immediately addressed. All scientists agree that this is an issue; they just disagree on how to address it. We need to unite to solve this massive problem that affects all of us.

Education around this topic needs to increase, and we must come together in agreement that this is an issue we need to fight now.  As your representative, I will fight for our global climate crisis by pushing for the green new deal, more EPA protections, a stronger EPA, and widespread environmental actions.



 Fracking is known to cause health effects and contaminates the water. We are draining our earth of finite resources. These do not replenish as quickly as we take them. We are going to use them all up very quickly. The videos you see of people burning their tap water is real. Fracking should be banned and replaced with green strategies for energy.


Oil Pipelines

 Pipelines that carry oil have been protested throughout the years by Indigenous groups in the United States and Canada. Leaks from these pipelines leave rivers and animals destroyed. The oil industry funds these pipelines to bring oil to other places when we should instead be looking towards new sources of energy. These oil companies do not do enough Environmental Impact Studies and ignore the concerns of the people these oil leaks affect. I will fight any pipelines that are threatening the biodiversity of our country and the rights of Indigenous people.


The Environmental Protection Agency

 Our EPA has been stripped down with barely any regulations in place to protect our lands. We must reinstitute the protections that are so vital to our survival. I will fight for the lands and animals we co-exist with. There is no reason that our land and animals should not be protected in the same way we want to be.