How to help

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What if I want to help but I can’t donate Money?

You can still help! There are so many opportunities to volunteer, such as canvasing neighborhoods, phone banking, and being on our street team. It’s people like you who get the word out about making the change you want to see.

I am differently abled and/or NEuroDiverse - what can I do to help?

There is so much to do, and we are thrilled to have any help that works for you. If canvasing neighborhoods would present challenges for you, we have opportunities to phone bank and to assist with TeleTYpewriter (TTY) video calling as well. If reaching out to people would be difficult for you, our street team is a great way to volunteer, with buttons and stickers, as well as word-of-mouth information. If you would like to help and are not sure what you can do, you can contact us and we will find a job for you!

What is canvassing?

Neighborhood canvassing presents many opportunities to reach out to voters for support in their own communities. This is also a wonderful chance to answer questions that constituents may have to help put them at ease about voting.

What is Phone Banking?

Phone banking helps us connect with our community members via phone. This is another opportunity to answer any questions people may have, ask how they would like to support, and of course, remind them to get out and vote! 

What is a street team? (Coming Soon)

This is very easy, we will send you items like stickers, business cards, or buttons. We can send anything we have in stock so you can help spread the word in your own community about our campaign. You will also be sent talking points to be able to answer questions people may have. This is less direct and does not require you to talk to people you don’t know.