The United States was founded and built on stolen Indigenous land. Everyone who is not Indigenous is an immigrant. This is what makes the American immigration policy so hypocritical. The American system is built for people to fail at becoming citizens. When white Europeans come to the United States, America seems to have less of a problem with it than when people of color are trying to gain entry into our country.  Many people escape their home countries trying to evade persecution and death, and what they find in the United States is the same thing they were trying to escape from.

The government puts their children in cages and prevent them from having the services needed to gain proper counsel.  Children are interviewed by ICE without parents present are not provided translators, and are denied their human rights. We leave human beings in these camps with unsavory conditions, and they have to wait many years to even be considered for citizenship hearings. This is an atrocity of human rights.

 We don’t want people to immigrate here illegally, but how can we ask that when it is nearly impossible to immigrate here legally?  All asylum-seekers are here legally because in order to seek asylum you must be in the United States. We have created an immigration process that most natural-born American citizens could not even meet the requirements of.


We do not need a wall; we need a system that works. I will fight against any wall proposals, Muslim bans, camps for asylum-seekers, and anything other policies that prevent human beings from accessing their rights as citizens of this world to apply for citizenship and seek asylum. We must build a system that works.