The climate crisis that the world is fighting cannot go on. If we do not act now, there will be massive devastation for our people, land, and animals. There must be stricter regulations on fracking and the oil industry must be held accountable for researching environmental impacts before building pipelines. 

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California should become a sanctuary state. The legal process to become a citizen must become simpler and faster. There is no need for walls when we have a system that works. The solution for an influx of people is not caging, its reflection on how our system isn't equipped to properly handle it. 

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Public Education is one of the most important systems we should be investing in. The issue our district is facing is disproportionate funding of schools because of severely disproportionate property taxes. We need to find a way to redistribute the wealth in order to give all our children equal opportunity. Better wealth distribution can also help aide the fight against the school to prison pipeline.

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Everyone living in the United States should have access to affordable and quality healthcare. Living a healthy life should not be a privilege, it should be a right. Access to mental health services should be made available to all who need it in order to fight against inter-generational trauma, PTS(D), and other mental health disorders. A priority is also accessible health care for our veterans.

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Reproductive Rights

All people who have the ability to get pregnant should also have the ability to choose if that is what they want. Making abortion illegal will do nothing but make abortions unsafe once again.

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Gun Saftey

It is no secret that there have been countless deaths resulting from the misuse of firearms. There are steps that we can take to help reduce that.

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More Issues

Elimination of the Bureau of Indian Affairs

Disability Benefits

Legalize Marijuana

Opioid Crisis

Affordable Medication Costs

Term Limits for all Government Offices

Fight Incarceration Rates

The Dream Act

Education on Marital Rape

Rights for Transgender Athletes

Protecting the right to peaceful protests

Stop Oil Companies from building destructive pipelines

Mental Health Services

Whistleblower Protections

Higher Federal Minimum Wage

End Welfare Drug Testing

Fair pay from large corporations

LGBTQIA+ Rights and Safety

End Gerrymandering

Save Net Neutrality

Body Cameras for Police

Higher Taxes on the Rich

Access to Food and Water for All

Criminal Justice Reform

Paid paternity/maternity leave

Funding to Planned Parenthood and Free Clinics

Prevent Past Congressional Members from becoming lobbyists

Stay Out of a War with Iran

Universal Pre-K

Give Some Felons the Right to Vote

Create better public transportation

Reallocation of the Military Budget

Foreign Policy

Homeless Crisis

Affordable and subsidized housing


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