Health Care

Everyone living in the United States should have access to affordable and quality healthcare. Living a healthy life should not be a privilege, it should be a right. Access to mental health services should be made available to all who need it in order to fight against inter-generational trauma, Post Traumatic Stress (Disorder), or PTS(D), and other mental health disorders.

All people living within the borders of the United States should be granted easy and affordable access to healthcare. The cost of medical care in the United States is significantly inflated when compared to other developed nations. We are paying private corporations and big Pharma insanely high prices for life-saving medical care that others access for free. Our citizens deserve healthcare that does not discriminate based on pre-existing conditions, age, gender identity, sexuality, or location.

 The United States wants to be a world leader, yet we are still so far behind other developed nations in this regard. If we truly care about our citizens, we must ensure affordable healthcare for all; otherwise, our true only care is monetary gains. I will fight for universal healthcare available to all people living within the United States borders.


Veteran Care

 As it stands, our veterans have to jump through insane hoops in order to receive the benefits they earned serving our nation. More often than not, wait times are extreme, and they don’t have quality insurance to cover the medical care they need. All of our veterans should be provided subsidized, if not free, mental health care after coming home from deployment. We send our soldiers overseas, where many come back severely injured and mentally traumatized from things they can never unsee and unhear. It is near impossible for them to transition back into civilian life without appropriate aide. I will vote for any health care plan that provides these crucial services in a more affordable and accessible way to our veterans.


 Mental Health Care

 Mental health issues in the United States are continually stigmatized. People who are suffering from different disorders are treated differently and often discriminated against in housing and job interviews. For many people, mental health issues are results of years of traumas that are never addressed and chronic medical conditions. Accessing affordable mental health care is not a reality for most people in the United States. Addressing mental health issues helps to also address the unemployment and homeless rates. We must destigmatize mental health care and treat it like what it actually is: a real medical condition. Mental health days counting as sick days, prioritizing affordable access within all major health care plans, mental health being covered by any employer that offers mental health benefits, held to the same standard as any other disability leave