Reproductive Rights

 All people who have the ability to get pregnant should also have the ability to choose if that is what they want. Making abortion illegal does nothing but make abortions unsafe once again.

All people with uteruses should not be told what can and cannot be done with that specific part of their body. With abortion being illegalized in many states, we are about to see a major increase in the deaths of young people who are not ready to be parents. Illegalizing abortion does not end abortion; it ends safe abortions. What ends abortions is education, sex positivity, sexual health classes, and access to birth control.

I plan on fighting against abstinence-only sex education in schools. I would like to institute positive sex education beginning at younger ages in order to ensure health, consent, and awareness in our youth.  The question is not if our kids will learn about sex, it is where and when. I would like for us to be in control of the message our children receive about what a healthy (non-abusive, consensual) sexual relationship should look like and what options are available to them to prevent unwanted pregnancy, spreading of STIs, and rape and sexual assault.